WEI Express Glow Illuminating Mask

Sheet masks are great, they’re just so fun to do! I can’t help but put one on without telling anyone in the house and walk into the room to freak them out haha! But seriously they are becoming some of my fave types of masks!

The one I’m talking about today is the WEI Express Glow Illuminating Mask which I actually got as a Christmas present from my mum! I hadn’t previously used anything from this brand, however, the fact it says my two favourite words glow and illuminating meant I knew I was going to love this and oh my god is it amazing! The box contains one sheet mask which is in a liquid filled tube and some tweezers for you to pull the mask out, it all feels very fancy haha! I do want to add that on the back of the packaging it says intended for all skin types in case you were wondering if it would work well with your skin

This sheet mask which is kept in a nutrient-rich essence made from sprouted rice claims to visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots and leave you skin invigorated, bright and glowing and I can honestly say it did all of that! I don’t think I’ve ever used a face mask that has made such a huge difference instantly. What you do is you place the sheet mask on your face and leave it for ten minutes, I noticed a slight tingling sensation but I really mean slight, you could just tell there was something on your face but it didn’t irritate it or anything then once the time is up you take it off messaging whatever is left on your face into your skin, it’s important that you don’t wash it off.

Once my skin had soaked up the remaining product on my face it was left looking so even and illuminating! I had this one particular dark spot on my chin and it’s reduced it massively. Normally my skin looks uneven and red in areas without makeup and this just balanced everything out. I ended up wearing no makeup for the rest of that day and I felt so good about it, when you’ve struggled with acne for a long time you never think you’ll feel confident in your own skin ever again but this did, I couldn’t stop looking at how amazing my skin looked, I’m just so happy with the result this has made, I don’t think I can say more positive things about it!

I noticed once I had finished with the mask that there was still plenty of the liquid it soaked in left in the tube, in fact, it was half full so I think I’ll keep this and apply it to my skin almost like a moisturiser or serum, it doesn’t say anywhere on the packaging to do that but I don’t see why not, right?!

The only negative which tends to be the case quite a lot for me is it’s not exactly cheap, the price of one sheet mask will cost you £10 or you can get six for £48 which is what I’m going to purchase as I now need to have this in my life haha! I think it’s definitely worth the money though, I mean you know it’s worked wonders when other people notice how great your skin looks.

If you’re not a big fan of sheet masks then I have another great brightening mask (one you apply like a standard mask) which is from Oskia that I plan on doing a post all about soon so keep your eye out for that!

Do you like sheet masks? What’s your favourite one?



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