Smith & Cult nail polish

Version 2

So I have to say these are some of my favourite nail polishes, not only do they look beautiful but they actually apply nicely and stay on well, a win-win!

I got my first one for Christmas from my mum, that’s when I fell in love with them but unfortunately, they’re not cheap hence why I only own three of them as if they were cheaper I imagine I’d own the whole lot by now!

The good thing about these though is that they sell them in SpaceNK, so what I like to do is save up all my point on my SpaceNK card and then when I have enough money on it I buy one of these nail polishes, so really it feels like I’m getting it for free haha!

Here’re the colours I currently own:

Feathers and flesh – Caramel colour

Doe my dear – pale grey/beige

Regret the moon – Cream/pale pink colour

Feathers and flesh was the first shade I got and a great one to interduce me to the brand, I like this colour because it’s like no other nail polish I own, it’s a deep, warm nude, pretty much a caramel colour like I’d said before. It looks really beautiful on, especially with a tan.

Doe my dear is probably my favourite shade at the moment and my most recent too, I don’t know what took me so long to get it but I’m glad it did eventually, it one of those colours I’d imagine would look great on so many people.

Regret the moon is the perfect fresh looking nail polish, it’s a great substitute for white as I feel it’s a little softer due to the hint of pink in it. I used to wear white quite often a few years ago but I must admit I much prefer this shade.

All of the nail polishes I’ve tried from Smith & Cult so far have been great, they’ve applied amazingly with only around two coats needed, Regret the moon did need a few more than the others but let’s be honest, that’s standard with pale shades. They also last long and barely chip which at that price they should do to be fair.

If you get the chance to try Smith & Cult nail polishes then I couldn’t recommend them enough, like I said before, I know they’re not the cheapest but you could always do what I do and buy them with the points you get on your card.

There’s a few other shades I have in mind to get, especially the navy blue one which is called Kings & thieves, that’s going to be my next purchase so I best get saving those points.

Have you tried these out before? What do you think?