Jo Malone Dry Body Oil

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll know I have a huge love for the Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily perfume which I actually already have a post about so I’ll link that here for you! It’s without a doubt my favourite scent… EVER! I even have the candle, so it only makes sense that I own some sort of body goodness that smells of it too, which is where this comes in – the Jo Malone Dry Body Oil.

This was a gift my mum got me for Christmas, and I’m not going to lie when I read the word oil I was pretty hesitant. I’m not the best when it comes to moisturising my body anyway, I just hate waiting for it to dry so you can imagine how the thought of an oil would make me feel, but low and behold I love it! I’ve honestly never used any sort of body lotion or cream or anything really that has dried this fast! I know it says dry oil but I really thought I would have been left standing there all oily waiting for it to dry but I wasn’t, it literally drys within seconds plus doesn’t leave any sort of residue meaning my skin feels exactly like it did before but a lot more silky smooth and just generally better.

The smell, I don’t think I’ll ever get over how amazing it is, I’m not the best when it comes to explaining scents but like what I said in my post about the perfume the name describes the smell to a T. When I’m wearing this I literally find myself sniffing my arms which does kind of look weird, I should probably stop doing that haha! But honestly, when I apply this it smells exactly like the perfume and in the past I’ve found with previous brands that isn’t always the case! Although, when you’re spending money like that you’d expect it to be spot on! I do anyway!

The application is really quick and easy, you can either spray it directly onto the skin or you can spray it onto your hands first and then rub it on, I’ve found that either way works perfectly fine. Just do it however you prefer.

As this is more of a pricey product I don’t use this daily, of course, if you want to you can, however, I like to try and keep this for more special occasions! Although maybe I should start using it once a week or something as it really does make my skin feel amazing, seriously, I can’t remember the last time anything made my skin feel this soft.

Have you ever tried a dry body oil before? What do you think of it?



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