Glossier. Boy Brow

Glossier is a brand that I’d been wanting to try for a long, long time. So many of their products were all over the internet, constantly everyone was talking about them and showing off their pink zip pouches, but living in Glasgow meant, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my hands on them, that’s until they made the glorious decision to start shipping to the UK.

Glossier Boy Brow was probably one of their products that I heard the most about, and since I love a good eyebrow there’s no surprise that this was the first thing I added to my cart. I got it in the shade brown, but it does come in black, blond and clear too. Although everyone did BIG it up, I tried not to have too high hopes because at the end of the day I thought surely an eyebrow gel can only be as good as the next, but I was wrong, this stuff is a game changer! What I love about this is how it adds thickness to my brows whilst still making them look natural, it also slightly fills in the sparse areas which means I now need to apply a lot less brow pencil than I did before, I sometimes even only use this.

Another great thing is the size of the brush, it’s small so you can really work it into your eyebrows to make sure it picks up every hair, I do sometimes have to wipe off some excess product before I apply it, but the more I’ve used it the less that has been needed. One of the more important things I should probably mention that I’ve found can be quite difficult to find in a brow gel is that it actually keeps my eyebrows in place all day, plus it doesn’t make them feel at all crispy which is amazing.

So since I’ve got this I’ve been using it non stop, all my previous brow gels have been thrown out the window because they just don’t compare to this, I’m actually thinking about ordering myself a back up soon so that I never have to go without it when it eventually runs out.

What’s your favourite eyebrow gel? Have you tried this one before?




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