Favourites: March

I can’t believe it’s already that time again, March favourites time! I’ve actually been loving quite a few things this month, most of which are relatively new to my collection. As some of you may know we’ve recently moved house so things have been a little crazy, I didn’t have much time to try anything but now things have calmed down I’ve been able to test more products out.

Here’s what I’ve been loving throughout March.

Charlotte Tilbury Kim K.W
This lipstick is from Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot Lips range where she designed a bunch of lipsticks for different celebrities, this is the Kim Kardashian West one which is a pretty pink nude, it’s got a little bit of a shine to it but on days when I don’t fancy that I just dab my finger on my lips and that helps to bring it down a little.

Living Proof Style Lab hair serum
I got this a couple of months ago, I’d been looking for a serum to help make my hair less frizzy and shinier, this so far has been doing the job perfectly plus it leaves my hair much less tangly too making it easier to brush, you only need a little bit so I can see this lasting me quite some time.

BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer
I’ve been looking for the perfect under eye concealer for a while now, I find some of them can be quite drying and look too heavy, I thought I’d try one of BECCA’s since I love their undereye brightener and I’ve been loving the combo together, it’s not too powdery, it covers well and it lasts too.

Artis Oval 6
I orginally wanted to try the Oval 7 however that seemed to be sold out everywhere, this one is the next size down which actually turned out to be perfect, I can still use it to apply my foundation and I can also use it to apply bronzer and blush etc. I love the effect this leaves, my foundation looks so smooth and natural plus it doesn’t seem to soak much product up if not any, meaning I’ve been able to use less. I luckily got this cheaper than the actual price, where I bought it from online accidentally put it up for the wrong price, they fixed it within a few days but I had already ordered it by then, that was a good day haha!

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured in Pearl
I’ve been loving BECCA highlighters for ages now, this shade I’ve had for a while but over the last month or so I’ve really gotten back into using it again, there’s just something so beautiful about a cream highlighter, it almost creates more of a wet look which is TO DIE FOR! I’ve also been really liking these pearl shades at the moment too.

What have you been loving recently? Anything you think is a must have?



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